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Kaspersky Small Office Security for Desktops, Mobiles and File Servers

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Kaspersky Small Office Security has been specially designed for small offices that want to focus on business, with the assurance that computer security is ensured with an accessible and reliable protection system.

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Sales variant: Electronic License
License Type: New License
Version: Small Business Security
Compatible operating system: MS Windows (This product is not intended to run Windows 10 Mobile / S)
Minimum configuration: See documentation TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS

An internet connection is required to activate the product, update and access certain features.

Kaspersky Small Office Security combines the simplicity of protecting your home PC with special features to ensure the protection of your company while employees work.
- Security with automatic setting for 5-50 employees
- Protect your office from Windows and Mac PCs and laptops
- Protect Windows file servers to secure your most valuable files
- Secures Android devices to allow employees to work on tablets and personal smartphones
- Rely on advanced ransomware protection and protection systems in case someone makes a mistake
- Pay bills and fees securely online with Safe Money
- Secures and stores valuable files with file encryption and backup functions
- Make sure the applications you use are safe with built-in vulnerability scanning and timely updates

Security with many features, without complications

Security that works from the moment of installation
- Install and forget about any security issues
- Does not require administration or configuration
- To protect any device, send an email to the person you want to protect

Secure internet, email and privacy
Automatically protects the company against attempts to hijack data or the network.
- Searches for and removes unwanted / insecure browser extensions
- Blocks malicious sites and suspicious downloads
- Filters spam, phishing emails and suspicious attachments
- A special "do not follow" feature monitors sites and does not allow tracking and spying of your online activities

Secure Windows file server
- Protects Windows file servers from ransomware and cryptocurrencies: System Watcher detects and blocks malicious activity and allows you to reverse malicious actions
- Update software provides a list of new updates available for installed applications, making it easier to delete unused or outdated system data

Preventing account takeover
- Receive notifications if your file server has a weak password (such as "12345") or if the password has not been changed for a long time
- Password Manager stores and secures all passwords - you only need to remember one

Protection for mobile devices
- Protect Android-based smartphones and tablets from malware
- Remotely locate, block and delete stolen or lost devices

Useful web portal
- Check the status of your license and expiration date
- Protect new devices by simply sending a link via email
- Remotely locks stolen or lost mobile devices
- Send a request for assistance if you need help

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