All the required information is necessary for the correct and efficient processing of the order placed by you.
Be sure to fill out the forms correctly and indicate who will be billed and delivered to. The e-mail address is extremely important because the information related to the order and the ordered products will be sent via e-mail. An incorrect email address slows down the entire product ordering process. Moreover, and EuPlatesct will not be able to contact you and inform you about the status of your order.
If the delivery address is not the same as the billing address, indicate this by selecting the menu at the end of the form. Choose the desired payment method and confirm the data by choosing "Next step".

Orders can be paid by:

1. Payment order

A proforma invoice is generated and emailed to the customer by a agent. The bank account is entered in the proforma invoice according to the client's request.
The products will be sent to the customer after there is evidence of the money entering the bank account of our company.

2.  Refunds cash

The products of the courier who deliver together with the delivery fees included in the invoice value are paid.

3.  Online payment by Card

Payments can be made online with the card (personal or company).
We accept the following credit/debit cards: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard/Eurocard, Maestro, including Visa or MasterCard virtual cards. Using the credit/debit card as your payment method, your order will be processed immediately. For orders for which you have selected the payment method by bank transfer, the order will be processed only after the confirmation of the crediting of the ePayment account with the transferred amount, thus introducing a delay of 2-4 days, from case to case.


To complete any transaction you must provide:

  • card code (all digits on the front of the card, without spaces);
  • Expiration date;
  • the last three digits on the back of the card written on the tape with your signature.

Personal data is entered using a 128-bit SSL encrypted connection. More information is available under "How safe is it for me to pay online?". Personal information is not transferred to other third parties, neither by, nor by

Transactions are made in lei, at the exchange rate of your bank, regardless of the currency you have in your account.
We do not request and / or store any details regarding your card.
Card data processing is done through EuPlatesc servers.

Orders paid with business cards/professional cards, or cards issued in countries outside Romania, are commissioned by Visa/Mastercard with an interchange fee of 2%, applied to the order value.

If you have chosen the "Card" payment method, you need to fill in a form with your card information. For credit/debit card payments issued under the Visa and MasterCard logo (Visa/Visa Electron and Mastercard/Maestro) the "3-D Secure" system developed by these organizations is used, which ensures the same level of security for online transactions as those made at ATMs. or in the physical environment, at the merchant.
"3-D Secure" ensures that no information related to your card is transferred or stored, at any time, on our servers or on the servers of, these data being directly entered into the Visa and MasterCard systems. In addition, "3-D Secure" is a system for authenticating the identity of cardholders in the electronic environment. The cardholder authentication process is based on the security code known only to the holder and is carried out only on Visa or MasterCard servers, as appropriate. The "3-D Secure" system allows you to make online purchases with any card issued under the Visa or MasterCard license, including debit and electronic Maestro and Visa Electron. Virtual cards issued by these organizations are also accepted.
If the card transaction was successful, the following screen thanks you for ordering on our website and provides you with the relevant ordering information. You will also receive this information by e-mail.

Transactions paid by card must not be partially or fully refunded by any other means of payment. If the order is canceled or returned by the buyer, must use the functionalities provided by the software solution to cancel the operations. undertakes to comply throughout the validity of this contract with all instructions, processing procedures and technical security rules transmitted by the Bank during the configuration of the site or later, communicated directly or through the Processor.
Interchange fee
For customers who pay with a business card/professional card/corporate card or issued in countries outside Romania, an interchange fee of 2% of the order amount will be applied. The fee is set by Visa and Mastercard and charged according to the algorithm created by them. You can find more details on the official Visa and Mastercard websites.

As we want to offer you competitive prices, we offer you the solution to pay with payment order or cash, in which case this fee will not be charged. If you choose to pay online for one of these types of cards (business professional / corporate, Revolut or issued by a bank outside Romania), the interchange fee will be added to the orders placed. In the event that the fee will not be charged automatically, when placing the order, reserves the right to subsequently invoice this fee. If you do not want to pay this fee, we recommend the other payment options: "OP / cash-rampurs."

Security policy
How safe is it for me to pay online?
The products on this website are sold online through the online payment services offered by The risks associated with an online payment are:

  • Personal data entered by you to complete the order to be in the possession of third parties and to be misused - and guarantee the security of its computer systems. Read the "ePayment Privacy Policy" and the " Privacy Policy" for more information on this topic.
  • Your dates for bank card payments - card number, expiration date, etc. - come into the possession of third parties and be misused. In the case of the "3-D Secure" system applied by ePayment for payment with Visa or MasterCard cards, no information related to your card is transferred or stored, at any time, on our servers or ePayment servers, these being directly introduced into Visa or MasterCard systems, as appropriate. If your card was issued by a bank certified in the "3-D Secure" system, the authorization of the transaction is done only after your authentication in this system - entering a secret code / password known only to you, similar to the PIN code at ATM transactions. Read "Verified by Visa" and "SecureCode" for full details on the "3-D Secure" system.